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My Latest Salvage Yard Special (not a Gibson)


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Ever since I got to spend some time with a 1952 Martin 00-17, I have been hankering for a mahogany top guitar. Complicating the matter is the fact that I am just plain cheap. A while back I stumbled upon a busted to heck early 1970s mahogany top, flatback Guild destined for either life in a closet or the trash heap. Took some time and doing but last week I took the geetar to a gig. Made it through the night - no sound of splintering wood or strings snapping. The sound was big, full and warm. Probanbly the main downside is the the guitar has a pretty slow attack. It ain't entirely finished but having only spent about $100, I am as happy as a pig in clover.


Here are some pics showing the repair to the most pressing issue - the neck.






The guitar as it sits today.



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Yeah, I threw what pins I had laying around on. Those two white ones are survivors from a 1950s Epiphone.


I did some filling and sanding on the back of the neck but have not refinished it. I need to get some advice as to what stain will cover the splints best. Then again, it does not really bother me so I am not in any big hurry.

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