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OMG... my used LP Studio has a push-pull switch ???


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After having my used 2003 Les Paul Studio (Fireburst w/gold HW) for about a year, I just discovered it has a push-pull pot for the bridge tone control. It doesn't do anything different so I opened it up and verified nothing is connected (although the posts were soldered at one time.


Could this have been there when new, or likely the previous owner modded it (or tried to).


Since it's there, what can I use it for...

Comments or Suggestions????



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If your pickups have 4 conductor wiring, you can coil split both pickups. You can also wire them in series/parallel, phase reversal or even as a type of selector switch (George Lynch style) or a kill switch (doesn't need 4 conductors). The Seymour Duncan website and GuitarElectronics.com both have a lot of diagrams for push/pulls. I have 2 in my Ibanez SZ, the neck volume splits both pickups and the bridge is for phase reversal. I was thinking of picking up a 4 conductor BurstBucker 3 to be able to coil split it.

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