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Strange thing on my new aged LP59!


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Hi admin,


I just bought a brand new 2007 murphy-aged LP59. when I was going to enjoy my new guitar, I found a very strange thing on it, and I really want to get some perspctives from you.


I found that the bottom strap button is over-screwed into the body, much deeper than the neck strap button. The end of the bottom strap button is actually screwed into the guitar body (normally it should be just touching the body but not into it), and it is a bit tilted but not vertically joining with the body.


I wonder if this seem-to-be-mistake strap button is a new aging process for 2007 LP59, or it is a real mistake... This really makes me very nervous T_T. Admin, would you pls help me check this?





If this is really a mistake, then how can this happen? During production process or after the factory shipping it out? Is this an unqualified product? What should I do to deal with this really-expensive-guitar-with-mistake?


Many thanks!

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unfortunately, i cannot see your pictures, but here's what i can tell you...we DO use 2 different size screws, so yes, having a larger screw in the bootm position is correct.


as far as the screw being tightened too far, that's certainly possible...it's also possible that guitar was dropped or otherwise stressed during transit to China and that the screw was shoved into the body as a result of that stress..that seems a bit more likely to me.


you might want to contact our Customer Service office in China and see if they can take a look at it for you.


In China Only



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Hi Admin, I updated the pictures, can you see it now?


I compared it with my other 59LP, yes the bottom strap button screw is certainly bigger than the neck one


But the button is truly in the body (maybe 0.1 inch), and it is a little bit tilted.


Actually I bought it in U.S. and took it back to China by myself, by hand on flight, with no damage at all... If there was something happened, it must happen before I got it. If the strap button was bumped into the body, I'm sure this drop was a big one...


I tried the button, it seemed to be fix and strong. I don't know if it is actually loose inside, or maybe there is a permanent damage in the body.... It may also casue big trouble when trying to change the button to others...


It would be a big trouble for me to change or return it since I'm now in China... I'm really really died T_T

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i still can't see the photos, and still recommend you at least contact Gibson CS in China to see if they can help you out...there's not much else i can do.


when you buy a guitar in another country, your warranty is only good in the country you purchased it in. so, unless CS China can help you, you're going to have to send the guitar back to the US if you want the issue addressed.

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Hi Admin, I revised the link again to an internaional picture hosting service...


I know that I'd better send it to China Gibson customer service for a check, but before that I really want a brief judgement for the problem... Actually I'm thinking of returning it but not repairing it. Physically check would take a lot of time and I may miss the timing requirement of return. I really cannot accept this, buying a top-of-line collective guitar with such a big flaw...


Admind you are the official representative, I think you should have seen so many LPs and know the most about it... Pls do help me on this, thanks!

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OK, i can see the photos.

i will tell you what i think about it, but you must understand that i am NOT the person who makes determinations on what is a warranty issue or not...you really need to contact someone in Customer Service either here or in China to get an "official" judgment.


my personal opinion is that what you have looks like a guitar that got dropped on its butt, and the screw/strapbutton jammed into the body as a result. whether that happened during transit from here to the dealer, or at the dealer's, or sometime on its way to China...who knows. if it was my guitar, and it was going to be a huge hassle to get it rectified, i would probably live with it as that issue is not going to affect the looks, tone, or playability of the guitar at all. but, you have to make your own decision...good luck, sorry i couldn't be of morem help.

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Hi Admin,


Great thanks! Though this is really a bad news T_T I'm now in a bad mood - I thought it was my guitar-in-dream before... Anyway, I really like the flame top, and returning it will definitely cause a huge harssal. I think I may take your advise to keep it.


I still have a few questions:


In this specific case, can this damage be fully, perfectly repaired without affecting the original lacquer finish? I mean repaired to "new" status, looking like never damaged? If yes, could you recommend someone who can do this for me in U.S. (I'm sure there is no such expert in China)? Or Gibson can do it for me, even with some charge?


Will this damage lead to some potential problems in the future, even after repaired? I mean for example low long-term duability, or trouble in changing the strap button?


Those are my last questions. Great thanks again!

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the guys in our repair shop tell me that yes, it can be repaired, but that in all likelihood, there will always be a bit of a ghostly outline where the repair was done. if you returned the guitar to us, the cost would be approx. $100, plus shipping.


i don't think this issue, either repaired or unrepaired, will cause any durability problems.


let me know if you want to proceed with sending the guitar back to us.

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if you want to send the guitar back to us, the best way to do it would be to contact Gibson Customer Service, as they can arrange things for you. you may want to tell them you talked to me and/or give them a link to this thread so they can see what we've been talking about.


Service is at 1-800-4gibson, or service@gibson.com.


let me know if you have any trouble getting a response from them.

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