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First and introduction- I usually hang in the Epi forum but am looking to get my first gibson acoustic soon. I have an epi sheraton as my main electric, which I absolutely love, as well as a '46 L48 that i equally love for blues and soft, folky stuff. Then an epi acoustic im looking to upgrade. You guys here are a huge wealth of knowledge, and so I turn to your expert opinions!


I did a search and went back a few pages, but couldnt find exactly what I'm looking for. I've got my sights set on a 2008 J50 with a k&k country western passive pickup. I played it a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. it has the white gotoh tuners, and looks as though it's in like with the modern classic/TV styling, though i couldnt find information that it was released under that brand.


Does anyone have experience with one of these later releases, or with the pickup? I've never used a passive pickup so i dont even know what that entails. Just from looking around it seems like an average price for a used j50/j45, and the owner claims it has been set up recently, and i couldnt find any issue with it when playing (for about 5-10min). still probably going to try to talk him down, but any idea's on market value of these?


any info is appreciated, thanks!

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I have a 2001 J-50 that I picked up in the spring of 2010. I'm happy with it - it's built like recent regular J-45s so if you like the sound of those, you're all set. Still, as you probably know, even guitars of the same model can vary with regards to sound so make sure you're satisfied with that particular guitar. I don't think the 2001s had a K & K - I think it's some type of Fishman but I could be wrong. Someone please correct me if so.


As for price, I have seen them go for surprisingly low amounts on ebay - around $1000 or so, but if it's really nice and sounds great you could add a few hundred to that and still be OK.



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