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Line 6 POD HD500


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I've been looking at this board recently. It seems to do everything you'd want. Does anyone have one?

Also. The player that Line 6 use is so proficient.

He's Joost Vergoossen. Famous in his own country. He seems to play everything effortlessly.

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I have the PodHD "Bean", which has all the features of the HD500 but without the pedalboard.

So, I can tell you the modeling is very nice sounding, the models sound even better than they did in the X3.

They've added tube sag tweaking to the output section like the Fractal AxeFx, and side by side the modeling of the HD is on par with the Fractal.

You can also remove the power tube section and use just the tube preamp section with the cab emulation, or without.

All I can suggest is to bring a good set of monitor headphones down to your store that is selling it and play/listen to it.

I think it's the best Line 6 has put out yet.

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