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Unidentifiable Gibson found in Attic


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Someone found this old Gibson of theirs in the attic. It has unfortunately been repainted. They brought it to my school's music class, because our teacher has been playing guitar for about 50 years, and knows his stuff. After not being able to identify it, he took it to a local music store, and the people there were also unable to identify it.


Six Digit Serial Code (123938)

Made in USA


The people at the music store determined it was made in '63.


It's an SG shape body, but the pickups and the part surrounding the knobs are odd.


The headstock doesn't have much of an angle. Normally they're angled at the neck, but on this guitar, the angle is virtually nonexistent.


There is no control cavity.


The tuning pegs have been replaced but you can see the wear on the wood in a straight bar, indicating the tuning pegs were all on a strip instead of individual ones.


The bridge has also been replaced.


The finish of the neck to the body doesn't appear to have been tampered with. It's very flush and smooth, and has every indication of being original.


The guitar plays and sounds like a dream.



Here are some pics:




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I agree with BigZ. Definitely that. Spot on> I have recently played the walnut version of the same guitar, locally. For sale on Ebay also, I will try to get the link. Nice playing guitar, but skinny neck!


Okay, Here it is! I can vouch for this guitar. Straight-up original and close to mint. Areal good player with no fret wear...


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( The people at the music store determined it was made in '63.) <<< I dont think so..



Retrorod maybe on to something..


without seeing the whole guitar ,


I would say its more 1983 ish .. if its a Gibson.. it looks like a SG pro.. I notice from one picture the back of the neck is black.. it almost looks like a bolt on.. show us more..

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The guitar in this link is the same model as the one BigZ has. Also the same model and year as the guitar that I posted previously. I cannot vouch for the serial # that was given BigZ....but I will say it is '72ish and not 83ish...



Check it out....it is the same model with that control plate and pickups.


Also, for comparison, here is the SG Pro. It is also '72ish and not '83ish and obviously different than BigZ's example...



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