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Anyone pull off Hard Rock (metal?) with Gibson 57' pickups?


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I know you can "play anything with anything," but I need some recommendations for tone. I write Progressive Rock (example below) and the Guitars I'm interested in either have Gibson 57's or Gibson 490r/498t's in them.


http://www.fieldsfaraway.com/jon/RoundV2.8.1.mp3 (Skip to about 2:30min into the song for more guitar)


Since we write in such a variety of styles, variety of tone is really important to me. However, the most important is getting a nice good hard rock sound. Has anyone been able to pull off a good Hard Rock sound with Gibson 57 pickups? Have you been able to push it into Metal territory? Or would it be better to go 490r/498t? Guitar sounds I like are from bands like Rush, Dream Theater, or that really warm Bush guitar sound. But then again, I'm also interested in a more "modern sound"...


Thanks in advance for your help!


edit: would still love user opinions, but for those wanting to dig deeper I found this great article from gibson about their different pickups! http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Features/tone-hunting-0309-2011/

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