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Two piece rosewood boards


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I have seen posts on the "Les Paul Forum" regarding 2 piece rosewood boards on the 2012 historic reissues.


Question: Are these 2 pieces one on top of the other to acheive normal thickness,or two narrow pieces glued together in the center running the length of the neck.



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It's been discussed, on the "Les Paul" portion, of (this) Gibson forum, as well.

No big deal. If Gibson hadn't been forthcoming, with that info, we would probably

never known, as those fingerboards are bound, so the seaming would be invisible.

If anything, it probably makes them stronger? Who knows? Time will tell, no doubt.


It's been speculated, that it's one way, they get around the ban, on thicker cuts, of

Rosewood, for fingerboards. ??? Necessity, can indeed, be the mother of invention. :rolleyes:



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I heard this too recently, from a friend in the know who used to work in the

Custom Shop. While it will undoubtedly make it stronger, the question becomes

how will it affect the tone? Some will say a little, some will say a lot, some

won't care. If you're a long-tenon player, you might not want a 2 piece FB.

But I honestly doubt many people will/would notice the difference.

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