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NPD analog delayyyy


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Well.. Probably because they're hella expensive. What Strymons do you have Damian?


El Cap........I really want a Timeline..........I have a handful of delays; simpliest being an Aquapuss.....Have a DejaVue, bunch more.....


Just picked up an Eventide Modfactor, looking for a used (or new) Timefactor.....And a Flashback Delay....They're all different..............


I fully understand digital VS analog Dub, but not the build factors.....I do, however, read all of your/the "build" threads....My Boss GT-10 and Gt-08


are nice, but, I'm looking for simpler signal paths....Been collecting low power tube amps as well.....Gotta ask Dub, when built right, are


the home built pedals "studio grade" spec wise ??? And yeah, I want more Strymon pedals.........

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Cool. When did you get the El Cap? It's a really inspiring pedal isn't it?


When built right, the DIY stuff is as good as anything. If you use quality parts and put them together properly there's not really much more anyone can do. Of course you can't really DIY something like an El Capistan. I dunno if you've ever opened yours up, but there are two or three staggered circuit boards using SMD components. Not to mention all of the programming that goes into a digital effect like that. But for most analog effects and even some digital effects like PT2399 based delays, a well built DIY pedal is as good as most "boutique" pedals. Sometimes better..

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