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My Old Guitar Teacher's Band Put Out Their First Single/Music Video Today


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So my guitar teacher and his band have been working on their upcoming album for the last 6 months or so. I was in the studio with them during the recording of this song and others. Today they finally released their first single off of their debut album:






So what do you guys think? I for one, love the classic Rock N' Roll style that they are trying to bring back. msp_cool.gif


BTW, my guitar teacher is the lead guitarist with the SG. He's a fantastic guitar player. msp_thumbup.gif

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What Dem00n said!


If any style of rock needs to be brought back, I can think of two kinds: The first kind is basically pre-Dynasty KISS (The Ace solo album applies also), and the second is the early (as in pre-2112) Rush. And I have yet to find a modern day band that does it Van Halen style! I miss spandex, the great wall of Marshalls, and bands actually moving around onstage. And I don't care for The Darkness. Puff band if ya' ask me.

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