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P90 Wiring

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I'm replacing the pots on my previously modified Marauder('76). Someone replaced the original single pole bridge p/u with what looks like a P90. I don't know what this p/u os out of, but it is the soap bar style with a black cover that has "Gibson" molded into the plastic cover. What's confusing me is that the wiring doesn't jive with any diagrams I can find. This p/c has only a black and white wire. The white is grounded to the backing plate and the black is tied to what must have been the white lead from the original p/u to the 3-way.


So, I'm wondering if this is right.



post-41091-057143100 1335101091_thumb.jpg

post-41091-049754100 1335101103_thumb.jpg

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Hi! Someone who understands the mechanics of what's going on will probably chip in but here's my $.02 in case you're working on it today.


The P90 you have was built without a braided ground wire the the other two wires run through. This doesn't prevent the pickup from working, it's just different, although it may make the pickup noisier as the braided ground may help block some interference.


The pickup will work no matter which of the two wires you consider "hot" as long as you wire the other to ground. Like the way it was wired before. The previous installer used white as "ground" and black as "hot".


It gets a bit more complicated since there are two pickups in the guitar. If the pickups are wired out of phase to each other they'll sound different. I don't know enough about this to explain it all to you but google will help.


I would start by wiring it the way it was wired before. To hear the difference just reverse the white / black from the P90 and play it through an amp.


Good luck!


here's a discussion re: phase from another board



and you probably have it already but here's the Gibson schematic for the Maurauder.


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Wow.. that's a really cool and rare P-90. Nice! Let's ignore the color of the wires for a bit. Did you notice the guitar sounding "thin" when both pickups were on before?


Not so sure about thin, but seemed like I didn't get enough out of it. Was kind of dirty.


Any idea what era that p/u is from??

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