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New York Guitar Show & Exposition April 28 & 29, 2012


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I completely forgot about this until this evening,




It's the annual New York Guitar Show & Exposition this weekend. It's taking place in Merrick just outside of NYC on Long Island and should be something worth checking out. I think they'll have an area for individuals to drop off their stuff for sale or trade kind of like a "Chinese Auction" so that they can periodically check on inquires and offers, or so I would think. Either way, I am excited to see some of the oddball gear that might be there tomorrow.


On the website it states that admission fee is $8.00 for adults and if you bring an amplifier to sell or trade you get $2.00 off. I know I will be bringing some gear myself to possible swap or sell, so get into it!


I have no affiliation with any of the vendors or staff, I just felt some of you people might want another option for your weekends activities.



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I just went to it. It was pretty cool, really tight though...needs more room. Prices were alright, i saw a few conversion les pauls, a lot of nice Gibsons. Didn't see a lot of oddball guitars, which is what i mostly love seeing at guitar shows.

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