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Magic Eight Ball playing in Denmark Street


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So a good friend of mine who was also the drummer in our band when we were a bit younger played the other night in his current band called Magic Eight Ball (touring with Johnny Monaco). Im really hoping we will get back together and work on some stuff soon as I love his drumming and hes also just a very talented musician in general (can play guitar/bass/piano/sing and write music). So im really hoping that will work out soon as I miss it all and would love to gig again some day.


Also whats interesting about the venue is that its in a bar called the 12 Bar Club which is in Denmark Street, London which is for those who dont know a street where theres about 15 guitar and music shops. Anyway, the stage area as you will see from the vids below is one of the smallest ive seen, but whats interesting is its one of the really old buidlings in London and the room that the stage is in is like 400 years old. Anyway.. If your interested have a look and see what you think :) I still like to support live music and the indipendant bands as much as I can. Whats the smallest stage youve seen or performed on?


music starts 1min in :)



you can really see how small the stage is in this vid


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Guest farnsbarns

That stage is huge, you should go to Ain;t nothin' But The Blues in Kingly St, Soho. Last band I say there was a four piece with a 3 piece drum kit and the bassist couldn't get on the stage so was standing to the left of it.

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