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2012 LP Standard Pedal Board


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I have owned a 2012 LP Standard for about a month and while it is a fine Guitar it did not totally do it for me at first. I thought the burst bucker Pro's were not that special.


Well I got my pedal board set up how I wanted and it's a whole new story.

Here is what the signal chain now looks like:


LP--MXR Dyna Comp--TS9--Boss Blues Driver--Dunlop Cry Baby--MXR Carbon Copy delay--Boss Loop Station (RC2)--Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue.


Hot damn this simple rig just kicks ***!


I am going to dust off my Marshall JMP MkII 2x12 combo and I am sure to be in heaven. No need to change pups as it is so far giving me all the bottom and top end I am looking for. The switching options on the LP give me more tones to work with than I ever had.


I love this guitar!!

post-43287-005023800 1338632569_thumb.jpg

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I always have the wah pedal first in the chain, and as I have seen, most people have it first. What, in your opinion does it add later in the chain?

The compresser has to be first then you can put the wah before or after the distortion. The wah is in effect an EQ which would normally go after your distortion and before Modulation and reverb/echo.


You can go either way. I will check it out before distortion and report back my findinga. Why don't you try the same and tell us your impressions on the difference.

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OK I tried it before and after distortion. I recorded both on a Tascam PCM hand held digital recorder, a DR-07mkII. I will try and post them so you can hear the actual difference.


Before = way noisy and scratchy. Maybe a bit more pronounced.


After = way quiet and sweeter.


If you do the same comparison you will see what I mean. IMHO way better after fuzz.

I will try and upload these two files for comparison.

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The impedance of wahs are all different; hence the troubles with proper placement of them.....


And yeah, wahs and fuzz.......Need a buffer of some sort between them.....................................

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