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Well I needed a small practice amp so no exciting new valve amp or anything to report on (sorry :P ).. BUT I was pretty suprised when I found this.. I was just looking to have a second small amp in case anyone wanted to jam when they came over but cant afford anything special.


Its a Gibson 10s Studio 19 watt amp..


Now when looking for these small amps, they have those micro Fenders and Marshalls and stuff like that but this one was only £19.99 and even the micro amps that are like 2 watt cost that much.. (and the next step up is like £50/£60)


I wasnt expecting too much from it to be honest (and havent ever seen these before)... But I think for a little guy its pretty rocking.. See what you reckon (and as ususal I just play any old stuff that came to mind so sorry for any dodgey playing ;))



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