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Belcat Amps anyone got one?


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So... after posting my thread about my new little practice amp (and a chat with Pippy ;))Ive found out that this amp is actually made by Belcat...


Now my video may not have captured the full sound ofthe amp, it was my first go at it and im stil playing around with the controls and let me tell you.. That little amp is something else. I even took it to my local guitar shop today and the guitar guy there who REALLY knows his stuff was gobsmacked by this little £20 amp.. In his words "we are always looking for small amps that should sound like this but dont"


Check this demo of one of their larger amps that is meant to be like a Blues Junior or some such amp like that



and heres another one of the smaller amps :)


I still like my one better though cos it says Gibson on the front :P

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Very nice indeed. I wonder if the big one (the 'Blues Junior' clone) is available in Tweed? (I might even be tempted to get my paper, card and gold paint out again, Rabs...LOL!).


When I've more time I must check out their website.


Thanks for the post, Rabs!






EDIT : The 'Blues Junior' in the demo is £250.


They also make a 50W head/2x12 Eminence cab pairing for £320.



If this is another Fender clone then it's Very Interesting Indeed and Eminence drivers are very high quality units.

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