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Everyones heard of it..but not everyone has heard it.


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This is the concert that got me into period music.

Academy of Ancient Music done on period instruments.

I love George Fredrich Handel...(recorded in Westminister Abby where he is buried).


If you give a listen to the tune at 2:04..13 seconds.

The notes & musical responses are something.

I imagine sometimes that it is a human trying to communicate to an alien who is responding in its own language(music)


If you dig on that,.. these are some more selections:


Introduction (Great music with views of a great building)





1:51..50 seconds

2:00..33 seconds


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I cant play any of it either but I love it.

If I could relive it all again I would a liked to have studied this music..I think my 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior would be a good addition in this music. : )


This is a gret version of this famous batch of music done authenticlly.


The introduction of that great music & that building...oh what a building..where sculptures are everywhere you look of the great people buried there.

I highly recommend this concert be seen.

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Sounds good although I didn't take the whole thing

Makes me think a bit about the connection between Bach's St. Matthew Passion and P. Simons American Tune.

Maybe there's a song hidden in there somewhere.

I might buy the album at some point and give it close ear.

Hep for posting -

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A Les Paul Junior would be a good to addition in just about any kind of music. They are great flippin' guitars and one of my all-time favorites (right after 1950s Teles).


I think the Les Paul Jr was the greatest ele gtr of all time.

I was surprised when my brother said that as well, as he had owned at one time 85 guitars ..more than half were Les Paul Reisues (lefty's)


The Pre CBS Telecaster is so great..had a chance to get a good one twice..they sang but I didn't go ahead.

Had one of the first Tele 52' Reissues Fender put out..I think it was in 1982-3 what a horrible guitar that was.

It sounded like it was made of glass instead of wood.Possibly worst guitar I ever had.

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This reminds of Christmas time. It's still summer so it just doesn't seem right, right now. [unsure]





It was originally performed for the first time in April (Dublin Ireland in 1742).

: )


This is a good hopping version of this one.

The guy conducting really gets into it & expresses the beauty of the thing.

Please press the full HD for finest sound if you would give it a listen.


The full concert I put before this that conductor is dancing about on the tune that begins at 2:00 ..30 seconds.Thats a really good one too. : )

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This is another famous music by G.F.Handel .. "Water Music"

The music is beautifull..all acoustic & powerfull.....though the dress is not as impressive to the modern eye as it may had been to those back then.


The most off thing about it is these guys dancing who come a few songs in.

It looks like they got themselves a bunch fairy's here..!

In those days these dance moves would a been executed by dudes who were rough hard people who were a few words away from killing you.

And they're behavior towards the females they danced with would be that of a gentleman on the surface but a simmering beast just under that surface..looking at a piece of fresh meat.



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