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I have an Epiphone FT-160 12 string guitar that I aquired from my father. The serial number inside is 1328. Can anyone tell me where to find out if this is a good serial number or a fake one? I remember my dad having this guitar since I was a kid in 1971. Where can I find out information about this guitar?

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it's gotta be an older one but how old, unsure..




See here:



it's possible it's in this range here:

according to the above link, these were gibson made

0100 to 42440 1961




Also some info on what serial numbers are supported by this link


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Photos would go a long way to helping you out with the guitar.


I believe that model though did not go into regular production until the early 1970s. These guitars were pretty much re-badged Arias and such. Serial nubers on Epis during the Norlin years don't seem to mean much.

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You dad probably had it a little later in the 70's.


This model of "FT" guitar was made by Matsumoku of Japan in the Norlin years. Serial numbers on these guitars were anything but serial. Being able to place the date, closer than a couple years is not possible. However, physical and label description can get you within a span of a couple to a few years.


The first 12 string during the Norlin years was the FT-165. This began in 1972. In later years the basic models were expanded to include less blingy versions Usually those ending in 5 ended in 0 in their less expensive versions, e.g. FT145 and FT165 became FT140 and FT160 in their plainer versions. Even better, 'professional', models upped the model numbers from 100's to 300's and 500's vis: 365 and 565.


The FT165/160 was manufactured until 1975 with a a blue label, mimicking the blue "Made In Kalamazoo" label. Note that the Norlin era, blue label did specify 'Kalamazoo, MI.' but the words "Union Made" were dropped in favor or "Made In Japan". In 1975 Epiphone US was reorganized, placing the 'home offices' in Lincolnwood, IL. This begat a new label, larger and tan in color. Sometimes called the "Lincolnwood" or the "Norlin" label.


In 1979, the FT models were replaced by the PR model nomenclature.


Read more detail history >> HERE <<.:


To be sure, there were some "FT" models made in the 1960's, but these were made in Kalamazoo and are much better and pricier than their cheaper cousins. The better models were the FT79, FT110, FT210 and FT120 'Excellente'. Not to be confused with the Norlin era FT120 bolt-on neck, sometimes called a 'Caballero'.


Here's a link to a popular >> Epiphone, 1974 catalog <<


Quite honestly, look at the 1974 price catalog pricing. Today, you can probably get what they sold for new in 1974, or a little more.

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