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Death Letter


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this is a comparison of the blues song "Death Letter" by Son House and a cover of the same song by The White Stripes .








while the White Stripes version is different and electric ... Jack still stays faithful to the blues elements of the song

personally I think both versions are great ... but Son's version is the original and it still has alot of power to it even if it's done on a reso guitar ... Jack did a good job though . what do you think ???







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I started playing Death Letter Blues around 1964 or 1965. It is still the first tune I play when I pick up my old National Duolian.


As for the White Stripes version, I could never get past those annoying drums.


Story is that when Son House was "rediscovered" in the early 1960s he had not played in so long he had forgotten a whole lot. Blind Owl Wilson from Canned Heat helped him bring the tunes back.

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