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  1. Had one …. did not think it was up to Gibson standard ……. sold it.
  2. good job Sal! Don't sell the J50.
  3. Yeah and if you want proof check out Egg and Daughter Day on his recent offering
  4. It could. Just replace any part that goes bad .... do this until you die or it does. Reminds me ...... I had a 03 Silverado in great shape and relatively low miles (150K). I came in from the garage one day and told my wife "I think I want to buy me a new pickup. To which she replied "I WANT YOU TO HAVE A NEW PICKUP". Believe me, I didn't let the screen door hit me in the a** before I was out the door and back with a new 2015 Silverado. I wonder if she meant a new Fishman or K & K rather than a Chevrolet PU? Too late now, darlin'! Either way, she and the Chev are keepers. Hope to have both until I leave this world.
  5. Congrats .... nice story and nice looking HBTV I think you will be well satisfied with the TVs built in 2012. I have two(L00tv and J50tv) and love them both .....
  6. Yeah, put me down as a AJ lover. If I could only have one Gibson that's it since it plays all my songs well.
  7. And I forgot to mention, that the audience was really in tune with his playing giving applause after each solo ... and there were plenty ...... and even a standing ovation.
  8. A "good" guitar doesn't make a poor player that much better. But a great player can bring out the best in almost any guitar.
  9. So I went to see Gillian Welch and David Rawlins at a 750 seat restored theater. The show was great with an interesting happening. As David was tuning Gillian's J50, they traded guitars. To fill time she announced "this is how David's guitar sounds when someone else plays it". She proceeded to play a tasteful Wildwood Flower on his Epi. It sounded thin and understated. In her hands it was a *****cat, in his hands it is a beast.
  10. slimt ................. what a find! Low miles too. Love some old cars. My 50 Chevy .... 91K miles ....... just out of the shop after 2 1/2 years...... hope the pix uploads.
  11. Good one Buc .... yeah, keep the Dove!
  12. Geez, I can't believe that I just sat here and read this entire thread. Man, I gotta get a life!
  13. I must say that I've become a fan of Martin with the purchase of a D35 and my custom 000. I do not agree however that the build of a Martin is "better". As I've thought about thinning the herd, I am hard pressed to determine which Gibsons to sell. Those that I've kept, all sound, play and look great. I guess guitars are sorta like girl friends, keep as many as you can afford at any one time. They all have their particular charms and appeal. Crosby is a great entertainer but his decision making skills are suspect .... just saying. For those of you who simply can't stand your Gibbys anymore, PM me and I'll furnish my address. Since I'm doing you a favor by taking those losers off your hands, you won't mind paying the postage!
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