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Korina Flying V's


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I'm interested in a supposedly Korina Flying V.


I've seen a few listed for sale with verbage that looked to be snagged from Epiphone that states the body is Korina and they were Alpine White and I've seen Ebony listed like this.


I know they made Korina V's with a mahogany body and Korina veneer but did they ever make bodies actually from Korina ?


I'd love to snag the Alpine White one I found if it truly is Korina.

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i think they are mahogany with korina veneers. African limba is expensive i think.



What's the point of a Korina veneer if you're going to paint the guitar Alpine White? You can't tell what it is after it's painted.


This is what I found confusing, the Korina veneer Flying V's with a natural finish are beautiful (and I don't care for natural finishes).


I just don't get painting a Korina veener. Now if it were all Korina and you're getting the benefit of the woods tone, well then painting seems more normal then.

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