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The Superfuzz has been at the top of my GAS list for some time now, so when I was offered this pedal in a trade I couldn't resist.



(the one on the right)


It's a smallsound/bigsound Superpuzzle. I guess the idea with the name is that there are four different graphic options, and when you put them all next to each other it makes one big picture. Pretty fun..


Anyways, the main thing is that it sounds AWESOME! I've been playing around with it all day and it's just so much fun. If you're familiar with the Superfuzz, you know it only has two knobs and a switch. Brian at smallsound/bigsound added some extra controls and did some cool little mods.


The footswitch on the left turns the octave on or off. Normally on the Superfuzz the octave setting is really midrangey and the other mode is super midscooped. Brian gave the non octave mode a more flat EQ response which makes it much more practical for live use.


Then he added a starve control that kindof simulates a dying battery. You can have full normal voltage or starve the circuit which results in some awesome synthy fuzz tones. Next there's a high cut knob, which just rolls off some high end which is pretty useful with this circuit.


Then there's the flip switch. I'm not really sure technically what this is doing and haven't quite figured it out yet, but both positions sound cool. Lastly there's the clipping switch, which seems to remove clipping diodes from the circuit giving you a louder, cleaner sound.


All in all this is like one of my favorite fuzzes I've ever tried, and I've tried countless. If you're looking for a crazy fuzz with some versatility check this out. It's great for bass too!

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I've used pretty much all of Brian's pedals except the Polygrace and Mountain Range and all of them are awesome. He really never lets me down.


The Superpuzzle is nastier than the TAFM for sure. Both are awesome. I just took the Superpuzzle to a jam sesh and it is really great in a live mix. Lots of midrange grindyness going on with it. It sort of just sits right in the frequency range where guitar should be and sounds really pleasing in a band. I guess it's really just EQ'd nicely for guitar in a live mix.


With the two modes on the octave switch it actually covers all of my fuzz needs for live use. And fuzz is really essential to my sound so I'm really picky about it

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