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What should I do?


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I have been trying for almost a week, and I still Cant figure out what year this guitar is, I cant really sell it if I dont know exactly what year it is.

There is no serial # at all! I checked in the f-holes, i took out the pickups, and nothing...


I have attached pictures:

if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

Im desperate!11!!!!











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"I cant really sell it if I dont know exactly what year it is."


Joey, I think that what people are trying to tell you is that the only definitive way of knowing factory and year of manufacture is by reading the serial number. Without one, it's a generalization. Those that have given answers are, in my opinion, among the most knowlegable on this forum. I don't think you'll get any closer to a final answer. Similar guitars on eBay start around $300 and go up to the $500+ range. Most have cases (you didn't mention whether yours did or not, not one in the pics). A quick glance at your pics show what appears to be some wear on the hardware and headstock. So my opinion would be that yours would be on the low side of the price range, due to no case (again, an assumption)and the wear. It's nothing special, there are a dozen on eBay right now. I'm curious though, why the fixation on the year?


As Dennis Miller used to say, " That's mt opinion, of course, I could be wrong.".

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