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Ace Frehley- Shot Full Of Rock


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That's a rocking track!


Complete with one of his best (albeit underrated, as far as Ace goes) solos. Everyone knows the "Shock Me" solo and what not. I don't understand why this album isn't more loved and appreciated. Lack of marketing is the culprit there.


His first solo album and Anomaly (his latest, released in 2009) get all the love, as well as "Rock Soldiers". The two Frehley's Comet albums plus this one don't get as much attention. IMHO, it's better than what KISS was doing at the same time. (no offense to Carr and Kulick). AWK! (classic Ace phrase. NOT TO BE USED AT ALL TIMES!) Paul Stanley and his freakin' pop songs!


Eric Carr was supposed to play on a song on this album, but Paul and Gene wouldn't let him do it. That's low.


And I bet it was this song. Eric would've kicked a$$ on this song. It kinda sucks that he and Ace didn't really do much, as the first album Eric played on was The Elder. To me, the best KISS lineup other than the original was the short-lived Carr/Frehley lineup that toured Europe in 1980 in support of Unmasked. Well, they did write what would become "Breakout" (which appeared on the first Frehley's Comet album in 87') and "Carr Jam 1981" from the Revenge album.


Trouble Walkin' is a kicka$$ album, and I wish Ace would play more of these songs live nowadays instead of some of the KISS tunes he plays that he didn't write. I mean, does he really have to play "Shout It Out Loud" and "Love Gun"?

They're good songs, but "Shot Full Of Rock" and "Lost In Limbo" kick more a$$!

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Yeah! Cool stuff man! I like "Rip it Out" too, band I was in back in the day covered it!


Cool! I keep pushing for my band to cover "Rip It Out", but Dave The Bass Player doesn't care for the song so we can't do it! That, and I can't sing it. Too high! We do "Snowblind".


Another favorite of mine is "2 Young 2 Die". Richie Scarlet (the EMPEROR of rock n' roll!) kills it!



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