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ES-355 Fat Neck


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I love my ES-335 Fat Neck and would like to find an ES-355 with the same girth. All I ever see are those thin '60s style necks and I just cant get along with them. Anyone ever seen an ES-355 fatty?

I purchased a 355 with a 50s rounded neck new from center city music in san diego cal. I can't remember If Saul said he order it that way or it just came in that way. That was back s year before gibson cut out almost all the little guitar shops as authorized dealers. I sold it to some guy in England just before shipping out of the country became a real big hassle. The neck was as big as any les pual with the 50s rounded neck I've ever played or owned. I just purchased an 04 355...59 historic while it's not as big as the 50s rounded there's definitely more to the neck then standard slim 60s. It's pretty close to my Howard Roberts 2010. The Roberts is kind of on the small side of a 50s rounded. I love playing them both and don't really feel the difference that much. After a couple of minutes I don't notice any thing different at all. Merry Christmas... Steven

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