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Who made this old Banjo?


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So I'm at my uncles the other day and he asks me if I can fix up some old banjos of his. I didn't think much of this one until I started looking at it. The headstock is the "Gibson Open Book" profile that more Gibson guitars have and the way the neck is laminated look like a lot of Gibson construction I have seen. However I'm not aware of any Gibson Banjos that used this style headstock. Any ideas?











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Is there any chance someone reshaped the peghead to give it the open-book appearance? The truss rod cover doesn't look like any I have seen on a Gibson, but makes me wonder if it was US made or made overseas. You might check to see if the truss rod and coordinator rod are Metric or Standard. That might might point to it's origins.

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The metal plates at the base of each bracket is a Kay/Harmony thing

Ditto for the screw going into the heel. I can't tell but you may find a curved plastic base between the neck and pot. They had a nondescript headstock so this one may have been reshaped.

Kays didn't have adjustable truss rods until 62 or so, so that will narrow it down.

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