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I recently caught a glimpse of Lifeson's rig for the Clockwork Angels tour and wow, some surprising stuff!


No more Tri-amps?



Wasn't surprised with the CoreBlade's but really surprised to see Boogie amps in there!

I can't recognize what the Lerxst amps might be, I've been thinking they might be Jubilee's, or perhaps clones,

anyone know about them?


Beastie [biggrin]



I found out that the Lerxst amps are built by Steve Snyder at MojoTone and are actually based on the Marshall Jubilees that he used on the CA

album, boy I'd love to get my hands on one of those [love]

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I think he wanted a "purer" sound than he was getting from the TriAmps. He still uses the Coreblades for certain effects and parts (like the trailing delay at the end of the solo in "Limelight"). He's using the Boogies for clean.


I know, it's weird to see him using a single-channel amp....It seems like every now and then he goes back to Marshalls (he started out with Super Lead 50s, then changed to HiWatts, then went to the Marshall Club & Country combos, then to the Gallien Kruger 200GK solidstates, then to the Marshall 6100s, then to the various Hughes & Kettners, and back to Marshalls!).


BTW, Alex was #3 in the latest Guitar World "100 Greatest" poll!

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