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Classic long "E" truss rod cover


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Does any one have or know where to get one if the vintage long "E" truss rod covers that came in the 60s Casinos, mainly Lennon's Casino. The one on my MIK Casino is cracked and I want to replace it with a more classic looking one, EBay and Gibson support have not been help

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Personally, if it were for me, I might consider buying the plastic and making my own.

I'm sure just about any jewelry store store could do any engraving you wanted.

Come to think of it, if you had the plastic, the jewelry store could probably make it for you.


Beyond that I would check with Pickguardian, W.D.music, Greasy Groove and other such places that specialize in custom plastics.

Most have toll free 800 numbers.

I'm sure if you sent them a template and a picture of the original, one of them should be able to help.


Just a thought,



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