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Gibson Explorer 1976 Custom Order


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I've never played a guitar equipped with Bare Knukle the mule's or the Super humbuckings. I would really like to give a try at those Tarback's.

Yeha, the Exlorers usually sounds very fat. I own 3 and are all cool sounding guitars.

What about the neck? It's fat right?

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I saw this (very same?) guitar on sale on the bay about 4 years ago. The one back then had no provenance, ie no serial or factory history. Plus it seemed unique with its binding, block inlays and switch position. The fact it had tarbuckers and dated pots was the only thing dating it to the 70s. The lack of patina was also questionable.


That said I've never gotten over seeing it and wanting one made JUST LIKE IT!

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