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Amp recomendation


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From personal experience you cant go wrong with a jet city 22h and th ematching 1x12 or 2x12 cabs. Great tone and runs of 12ax7 and el84 tubes! throw some JJ's in there and bang for buck it cant be beat!







I have no connection other than happy playing with mine! Good luck with what ever you choose!

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HI Marcelo


Your question has hundreds of possible answers - all of which may be wrong or right!


In order to give some meaningful (if subjective) advice we need a lot more info.


Just for starters:


1. What style music do you play

2. Is it for gigging/recording/home use

3. What amp style do you prefer (Marshall/Vox/Fender for example)

4. Do you play with pedals/fx or straight into the amp

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