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TP6 on an Epi G400


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I wonder whether I could fit an TP6 tailpiece to my Epi SG G400 without butchery? I know the screw inserts will need to be changed as the TP6 is imperial and the already fitted standard tailpiece will be metric.


Anyone else done the mod?

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This comes up every so often.

Good a time as any to get everyone current on the subject.


Epiphone does make them for Epiphones. They put them on the B.B. King Lucille and maybe one or two others.

Sometimes you can find them used on Ebay. They do say Epiphone on the back.

Other than that, yes, you need to do some slight easy mods if you want to use a Gibson TP-6.


Read this!:



(I do demo one possible mod in post #20)


Some like them, others not.






Good Luck,



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Thanks for that Willy.


I had no idea (but should have guessed) that Epiphone make their own TP6's. If I can hold of one of them it will almost certainly be metric and will simply screw in to the existing inserts.


I think they are great for two reasons.


1) They improve sustain IMO.


2) They help with tuning exactly. I use a strobe tuner and am very fussy. the tweaking the TP6 is able to accomplish via the fine tuners is a great aid I find.

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