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LP with interesting color


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There is quite a bit of info about that guitar, Jimmy Page #3 (and its near twin) over on the Whole Lotta Led website.


Here's some I cut'n'pasted...


The 'Jimmy Page #3';


"Believed to be a late '69 or early 1970 Gold Top resprayed the red color. The "pancake" body is a dead giveaway to the year along with the wide cutaway binding and wider headstock. Where the guitar came from isn't quite clear, some have suggested it was a custom guitar built by Gibson for Page. In a January 1998 Guitar World article Page said he bought it from a guy who owned a hot rod shop, it's unclear if he meant this guitar or his other red Les Paul that looked earily similar. Some have suggested the hot rod shop guy being Jeff Beck due to his involvement in the car hobby, no clue to if Beck actually even owned a shop at the time, seems Page would have just said Beck's name anyways. Page more than likely bought it as a replacement for his Black Beauty which was stolen earlier in 1970.


Earliest known live appearance of the guitar is August 1970 in Cleveland for Dazed and Confused and it would be used in Boston in September 1970 as well for at least Bring It On Home and likely for the Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker and Dazed and Confused at that show as well. Plant was spotted with the guitar backstage at the Bath Pavilion in March 1971. No evidence of Page with it again until the 1972/73 UK Tour when it shows up on stage for Dazed and Confused at Southampton University 1/22/73. Next known appearance was the 1973 US tour when it was used for Whole Lotta Love, Over the Hills and Far Away and on at least one occasion Thank You. It would also see use through the 80's and 90's, most recently being used for Kashmir at the O2 concert in 2007.


A B-Bender was added around 1985 promtping the story of Page not liking the tone because of the wood being removed. Despite that it still seen a decent amount of used post Led Zeppelin. Pickups were probably Patent No./T-Tops, no way to really no for sure. In 1986 Page's tech Tim Marten mentioned Seymour Duncans being installed in it, supposedly these are what the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Jimmy Page pickups are based on."



The 'Jimmy Page Other #3';


"Used during 1977 for Over the Hills and Far Away, this guitar was always assumed to be his #3 shown above. A good eye by huw of Royal Orleans reveals this is a different guitar. The thin cutaway binding followed by the smaller headstock clearly make it a different guitar and possibly a 50's era LP. It is possible this was a 1952 Les Paul that Page bought in December 1974 from Mike Corby, a guitarist of the band "The Babys". Oddly enough, Corby was also involved in the car hobby too, and Page claimed a candy apple red Les Paul came from a hot rod guy as I mentioned above. If this was to be a '52 the guitar would have at least required a reset neck to fit the Tune-O-Matic bridge properly, but the Gibson logo sits a little too low for it to be an early 50's neck and it's unlikely that it was swapped for a late 50's neck. Another possibility and arguably a more logical theory is it being a '58 Gold Top. There's no evidence of it being used prior to or after 1977 either, making this even a little more odd."



Here's the link to the website if anyone wants to satiate their JP cravings...





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