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Question on Flying V neck profiles


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The only Flying V's I have ever tried had a round neck profile, or at least that is how it felt to me.


I tried a 1958 custom shop reissue and a faded V, the two ends of the spectrum price-wise.


I just assumed most V's had a round neck profile which is my least favorite, then I was reading on the current V specs that the neck is a "factor x" profile, a blend of 50's and 60's. That is what my Explorer has.


Is this neck profile a new thing for V's or has it been like that for a while?

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I have an Epi Goth that has this horrible canoe of a neck (exaggerated baseball bat). Someone told me the Epis are not usually like that, then I picked one up at the Memphis factory showroom with the same results.


My '67 RIs, my Gibson Goth, and my V90s have no such neck. The V90s have a thin flat neck (almost too much), whereas the others have what I call the "goldilocks" neck... The perfect neck profile, IMO.

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