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What's Les Use For An Amp?


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I'm still diggin' the Chester and Lester cd, and just thought......


At the Country Music Hall Of Fame I saw Chets old Standel. It was one of his favorites.


Any of you who've seen Les lately, or any old school of thought as well.


Best to ya.



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Last time (only time) I was at the Iridium, Lou Pallo took me back stage before the show. We were both huddled outside in a doorway having a smoke before the show, and he said after we finished our cigs he'd take me back stage to meet the boys (and girl...). So I find myself sitting back stage at the Iridium with Lou, Les, what's her face, and Bucky Pizzarelli (Bucky was filling in for the piano player that couldn't make it). They asked me to sit in but I CHOKED, did I say CHOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and said "no thanks". Probably the biggest regert of my life...........


At that point I lost all concienceness, and I have no idea what anybody was playing. But I did get to hang out with the boys after the show.

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