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Traditional 2012 - 59 neck?


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I would like to buy Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2012.

I playes the one from 2010 and impressed me very much.

The problem is that i tried to played Les Paul Studio Faded worn brown with 50s neck and my thumb was little sored, on 60s Studio it was OK. Maybe matter of time usage?

On Traditional it was off course OK.

The fact is that I played the Traditional in very short time.

On some sites its written Traditional have 59 neck, and it could be some between 50s and 60s fat.

So my question is: does really LP Traditional 2012 have 59 neck?



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Has a 50's neck, not to be confused with the 59 profile. Traditionals have the.plus and pro 2 models.


Plus- 50's neck

Pro 2- 60's slim taper


This is correct.


The Traditional should have neck similar to the 50s neck you played that you did not like.


You are looking for a Standard with an Asymmetrical neck or a 60s SlimTaper or a Traditional Pro. I have seen Traditional Pros @ GC with 60s necks.


The only way you can identify what model it is by Serial # is to contact Gibson Customer Service.



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