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  1. Unfortunately sometimes Prs take a long time to come on. I waited 4 months for my DGT to arrive . Well worth the weight . Im a huge fan of PRS and have always been . QC is impeccable and playability is amazing. I kinda of got out of playing for a while however kept my PRS SE MARK Holcomb signature . For a Korean made guitar ....it s for-sure a keeper . Tried a CE satin but couldn't bond with it and wanted an explorer anyways lol....My standard is a nice addition as well and fits me great. I'd say any player should have at least one prs in their stable.
  2. She's a 2016 .. long and mcquade in Canada are blowing them out . $1000 off = I take home...oops meant follow me home lol
  3. If you're budget allows it, I use an Empress heavy . Amazing pedal with tons of grit . They also have a plea drive which is on my short list ....
  4. I swapped the pickups out in my DGT with Seymour Duncan's ....now it's a killer tone machine lol
  5. No commitment issues....just has to be not too heavy of Gibson due to the shoulder surgery a couple of years ago. Maybe a chambered R8 would be on the list next lol...
  6. I agree you always come back ....I go back and forth a lot ...Prs Gibson etc....primarily Prs player but the gibbons still get tons of love
  7. Hey , Just picked up a 50's tribute and love it . I've been away from Gibson for a bit but after acquiring an explorer and the Les Paul , I quite enjoy them both . Anyways on to the porn lol
  8. I've been away for while now. Playing mostly prs, esp and Ibanez however I've come back to Gibson .....love this NGD ... 2016 explorer
  9. Has a 50's neck, not to be confused with the 59 profile. Traditionals have the.plus and pro 2 models. Plus- 50's neck Pro 2- 60's slim taper
  10. You are going to love it. Great pedal. I downloaded one chorus tone and played enter sandman with my prs. Nailed it lol
  11. They look and doing good however I almost needed a translator to understand what he was saying lol
  12. Very nice Demoon. Like the minimal conceptse all know, sometimes less is more :-)
  13. I got the se..can't afford a usa model yet lol Let me know how the new tremoti is, kinda curious lol. Been scoping out an se sc245 lol
  14. I see my work here is done lol. You posted your prs cu24 and it have me gas. Bought one quickly , now I post the Dreamscape and the role reverse's lol
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