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  1. Unfortunately sometimes Prs take a long time to come on. I waited 4 months for my DGT to arrive . Well worth the weight . Im a huge fan of PRS and have always been . QC is impeccable and playability is amazing. I kinda of got out of playing for a while however kept my PRS SE MARK Holcomb signature . For a Korean made guitar ....it s for-sure a keeper . Tried a CE satin but couldn't bond with it and wanted an explorer anyways lol....My standard is a nice addition as well and fits me great. I'd say any player should have at least one prs in their stable.
  2. She's a 2016 .. long and mcquade in Canada are blowing them out . $1000 off = I take home...oops meant follow me home lol
  3. Go say hi to new member at Gibson "Vista" -- another gal for the forum- with SWEET gear and great knowledge of her stuff -- posted intro in New Members. ASAP!

  4. P.S. Empty your inbox...its full!

  5. Yo...you plan on being in Mississauga at all this weekend?

    South Side Shuffle blues festival..i'm going on Sunday to see Johnny Winter!!

  6. That's a whole different topic there. There are tons posts asking the exact samething. I find there is a huge difference, chambered is more acoustic and bright while weight reliever is more dark. It also goes to what pickups are in them too....
  7. Would be nice to see a flame top pro, maybe Gibson down the road will. I just weighted my Traditional, 10.0 Ibs hehe
  8. I've asked you nicely not to post pictures of your LPC....now Scott has to get mean and comeover to your house lol....
  9. Wow that's sweet, very nice
  10. The next run of Trads they make should have a baseball bat neck on them Just sayin
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