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man that red j-200 does look awful nice. In that first link you posted it looks like the sticker in the soundhole is oriented 90 degrees off. Then i looked further and realized it's the 3 panel back, sweet!


Can anyone tell me what the advantage of the 3 panel back is, or why someone would want it? The (few) times i've seen it there are 2 different types of wood involved. 1 type on the top and bottom and another in the center that i suppose alters the sound somewhat?


Also - the tuners on that guitar are oriented along the lines of the headstock rather than plumb to the ground. i can't tell if i like it or not.


pretty guitar regardless..

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Played a gig a few years back with a guy named Manolito Chavez at Threadgill's in Austin. He had a red SJ200 that he had customized by a luthier in Mexico City that was out of this world beautiful. Spruce top, Koa b/s, with all that fancy grafitti MOP inlay. The red looked great and he had a red silk rose threaded thru the strings on his headstock and the petals were the exact same color as the front of the guitar - rose red. I tried to find him on the internet - no luck and not enough time - but, if you ever see this guy coming to your town he's definitely worth a look-see. His acoustic solo set was impressive, all instrumental, from traditional Mexican to flamenco, classical, blues, C&W, jazz and rock - a very cool medley that brought it all back together. He also played an ebony J185 EC (I think it is) with the cutaway, that was all fancied up with south of the border bling. Very cool.

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