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Does this 2005 Standard look ok to you?


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Hi All,

do you think this LP Standard look ok? I'm thinking of buying it tommorow and am going to see how it plays. I'm after a 60s neck profile and hope it has one.


Is this a hit or miss? Is there anything to watch out for on 2005 LPs?


Thanks for any comments you may have.


Here's is the ad:


Gibson Les Paul Standard 2005, Heritage cherry sunburst, with case, in mint condition.

Selling because I have not used it that much and am moving on to a strat.

Immaculate condition! A true bargain, considering I paid almost double this price for it brand new back in 2005...















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Looks perfectly legit to me.

Nashville bridge; round-cornered 'Traps' and so on.


Card reads 'Heritage Sunburst : Nickel Harware : 1' which all ties in with the guitar pictured.


The only thing I'd add is to ask about the pick-guard.

It hasn't been 'factory-fitted' (as the guitar has a flame-top) but it would have been supplied in the case so it could be fitted should the buyer so wish.

They don't exactly cost an arm-and-a-leg but it's worth checking that it comes with the instrument.


Good luck and have fun.



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Yes, £1,000 would be a good price for a buyer in the UK.


The only other thing which I thought I'd mention is the 'board.

Don't be surprised if it feels very slightly 'rough' or scratchy. It's hard to tell for sure from those snaps (it might just be the flash) but it looks to be very dry. Nothing a dose of lemon-oil or such-like won't fix.



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