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Wah pedal True Bypass/Buffer question.


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I understand what true bypass is and also understand what a buffer is and when it is needed but I have read several comments that some guys did a true bypass mod on their Wah pedals and they did not like the pedal as much and there are pedal modders that do not recommend true bypass sometimes.


Then you have the Joe Bonamassa signature Wah that has both, you have the ability to set it True Bypass or Buffered.


My question is what is it about Wah pedals that is a bigger deal how they are wired?


Is it because the typical position of a Wah in the pedal chain? or the way a buffered Wah colors the tone?

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When we're talking about a buffer in wah mod terms it's usually used to prevent oscillation when used in conjunction with a Fuzz Face or similar pedal


The originals weren't really buffered bypass I don't think. I think the bypass switch was wired almost as true bypass but the input of the circuit was always connected which loads down the bypass signal.

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