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New pedal... EH Guitar Micro Synth


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Hi guys, just got me a new one... I had this pedal a while ago and sold it because I didnt find a use for it at the time... but then I started experimenting with octaves and suboctaves... and well, the square lead is a good thing to have sometimes... The size? Its about the size of two boss pedals, half as heavy... and it can be powered by a boss transformer. The sound is very clean and has a tracking control and can be used as a slow gate fx. You have controls for everything, you can use the guitar sound only, or it mixed at taste with any of the 5 fx. Prety cool pedal, got it at a great price.


Just out of GAS and at a time when I am selling stuff I dont have room for... well, this one I just had to have, and this time wont sell it.


I give you the guitar micro synth from Electro Harmonix...






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