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Round Core Strings..when was hex core slipped by us?


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I read that roundcore is how all guitar strings once were.

Does anyone know some history of when they were phased over to hex?

Suitable hexagonal wire and hex core strings were both introduced in the '60s. The use of hex core wire improved consistency so much that it took over pretty quickly. Hex core strings were dominant by the mid-'70s.


-- Bob R

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Ive never cut string before install...it seems an oddity to do it that way.

Many times I just bend the strings out of the way and dont bother cutting em at all.

With this first set of T.Infeld Strings(a silk inlayed round core) I rolled the string on to itself (circles) and left them whole as well.

Those strings feel very good but volume is like 20% lower than the Elixirs...

and really not working Im just fooling myself,$20 for a pack of guitar strings.

A real con is they're Electric Guitar strings are $20 as well..oh brother.

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Why pay $20 per pack when there are plenty of good strings for $5 a pack? I don't get it.



I know what you mean.

Im one of those guys that use extra extra light ele guitar strings which always found .012's(light) to be a bit burdensome to do what I usually do.

Who has not gone to .011's cause..its just not right to do on an acoustic.

So Ive been advised to try Round core strings..most are hex core..and various others.

These T.Infeld strings (.054/.044/.035/.025/.016/.012)are kind of ok, historic naturally toned strings..but on my good maple J200, Elixirs blow them away in sound.

Ridiculous price..in 2004 they cost $12 now $20..its just bound to get more rediculous and they are quieter.


Have 6 packs of various Newtones to try next..$11...

I don't like $13 for Elixir either though.

Its either these.. DR($7)..or simply .011 of something : )

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Oh man..I put Newtone Custom Light .012-.053 (under Guitar Gallery packaging) on Lowden today and they really sound better but do not feel any better.

Plus I think first two strings are from a Medium set by mistake..as a .054 is thinner than this supposed .053.. similar on second string too.

They can't even put correct strings in the packages..

Took T.Infeld off J200 too dead sounding & put on the Elixir.012's again..they sound much better..but nothing seems to feel good.

Its lookin like Im goin to .011's..eventually.


In the frustration J200's edge bumped into the ege of Lowden and decent size ding on Lowden edge. Its maple binding was no match for J200's plasic edge binding..not a mark.

Put some saliva to raise the dent & its better but finish there chipped off.

Wife says its my signature dent ,that I always put one dent in my acoustics. True.. : (

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