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  1. Great Songs. Great Voice. Great Gibsons

    22 March 2017 - 04:07 AM

    So YouTube recommended the following video for me. They know me too well.

    Great version of the song, from a singer I'd never heard of. Fantastic voice. And her Hummingbird sounds amazing.

    Then I explored a bit further. She writes great songs too, and has a beautiful-sounding vintage J50 as well.
  2. A Sailor's Life

    17 March 2017 - 05:48 AM
  3. Deportee Day

    28 January 2017 - 11:01 AM

    This song has been on my mind this week. Can't think why. Must be some form of sixth sense thing, as it turns out that today is the anniversary of the event which inspired it.

  4. Slide on a slope?

    06 January 2017 - 07:18 PM

    Spent a fun couple of hours this evening listening to the man who brought you 5-4-3-2-1, and his long-standing sideman.

    No video possible in our local venue, but they did do this song in much the same way. Dave Kelly's J50 was very much on display tonight, along with a Strat which has some sort of lever-bridge device fitted to switch tunings quickly.

    Paul Jones can really still cut it vocally. No McCartney-Olympics moments tonight.
  5. Mojo Tele Quest

    02 December 2016 - 07:41 PM

    So. I have an SJ which makes me feel warm inside. I don't think I'll find a better-sounding acoustic, just a more consistent environment with the degree of humidity that it likes. I also have a Howard Robert Fusion which is one of the most playable electrics I've ever touched. It's also pretty wide-ranging tonally. So two Gibson keepers there.

    However, the Howard has high output humbuckers. They sound great through my old Fender Pro, but that needs fixing because it impersonates a washing machine. Nice touch responsive borderline clean/broken-up guitar tone in the mix, but the dominant sound is Whirlpool. No gig at present, so in no hurry to spend money and time having a 70W amp fixed when I have a fully functioning VHT Special 6 which suits home playing. The thing is, though, it is really hard to dial in a nicely defined sound from the Howard through the VHT. The amp is Fender-ish, and it has reasonable treble, but with one tone knob it is hard to balance, and it gives good bass too. With the Howard cranked at all it gives too-good bass. So I'm thinking that single coils are the thing here. I also want a second electric guitar that I can take out in all weather without worrying about the nitro checking, that is sturdy and can handle knocks, and that I can play without worrying as the kids and two new kittens run around. That can do warm and jazzy and cutting treble like the Howard, but through the VHT rather than the Fender. Clearly I want a Tele. And besides, every guitarist worthy of the name should have one, right?

    Thing is, I have no serious disposable income at present. I've watched outgoings over the past year and I know I won't be able to save serious money for this item. I can sell my unloved Epiphone Casino, but while a retailer might mark it up because it is Peerless-built, I don't think I'll get a lot for it. So my options are limited. US and Mexican Fenders are out - even second hand ones are too expensive. A Squier Classic Vibe '50s would be just great, but new they've gone over £400 and that is too much too. I am not despondent, though. I reckon a decent Tele can be had for little money - for me the essence of the Tele is not in the name on the headstock, but in the spec. More so than for any other guitar model, I think.

    So I've narrowed down to a trio of sub-£300 instruments.

    1. My link

    2. My link


    I've tried a Revelation RTE54. I can probably find a Vintage V52 to try locally if I look hard enough. I can't try the iFusion, because it's only available from the one online outlet, and I don't live close enough to the seller to go round and try. Returns policy is OK, though, and they make a big thing out of fret-dressing and set-up.

    The Revelation sounded good: a bit ice-picky, but through the VHT it might just cut through nicely. Steel saddles, while most of the really nice-sounding Teles I've played had brass. Which is a way of saying that it didn't sound as good as a Squier CV or Fender American Special. Felt good, had good playability, and was well enough set up, though.

    The other guitars do come with brass saddles in the form of compensated Wilkinson jobs.

    My questions to you are:

    - do you think that it is worth spending £50 more to have compensated brass Wilkinson saddles?
    - do you think that alnico 5 single coils are likely to push the bass and low mids too hard for me to get the definition I am hoping for?
    - do you think that any of the instruments listed has any obvious winning qualities?
    - do you think that any of them has any obvious weaknesses?
    - if you had £300 which would you go for?



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    A green lantern your way, M. -
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