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  1. Gruntfuttle, I think you have started the EuroAussie is dead conspiracy with this post. I can't see any shoes on his feet in that picture, can you? QED.
  2. True, but Colonel Sanders is dead too, and I don't think he invented the Zinger.
  3. Well at least this is one advert which is full of grace. It's also pretty slick compared with all the others here.
  4. Never mind: you can still rock a Stetson like Kenny.
  5. I'm a whole half inch taller than that, so I wouldn't know.
  6. And the boots. Don't forget the boots.
  7. SuperTrump ('Break-fest in America', 'Logical? Rong!', and most recently 'Dreamer').
  8. British country sensation the Shites.
  9. Yes. He was backed by the Bane ('Music from the Big Punk').
  10. That variant was in the pipeline...
  11. Pubic Enemy. (Nobody said you couldn't just remove the one letter.)
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