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  1. Yep agree no doubt. The 000-15m is on my short list. However it was mentioned as not a “competitor” to the J15 because it’s more of a specialty item (ie, not a Spruce top dread).
  2. No disagreement there they are great. I do remember now they are made in US, my bad on that. I must have been thinking of the Road Series or something. I nearly bought the OM in the series recently. Will probably get one eventually. My main point was just that it’s not a good comparison to a J15, etc, because of the unique aspect of being all mahogany.
  3. Ah. They’re still mahogany top tho right?
  4. My 2019 model came with bone pins. Im also planning on changing out the tuners and doing the bone but/saddle. Eventually.
  5. Chad76


    I disagree completely. The only similarity these two guitars have is the slope shoulder style and the price. Nothing else. And the J15 (mine being $400 less than the 317) is really in a completely different class. I’m not a fan of Sapele at all. It looks, feels and sounds like a laminate guitar to me. The J15 is Walnut and the tonal complexities are waaaaaay off the chart as compared to the 317. The 317 is a great guitar but the person looking for a Gibson really of any kind I doubt would be happy with the 317.
  6. Chad76


    Nah. The X17 series are nothing like any Gibson (besides the slope shoulder look) or Martin. Completely unique. They are really nice but I don’t care for them.
  7. I dunno man, with the Waverlys and Gibson’s both being made in Bozeman, seems like a perfect match to me.
  8. LOL yes I am. I don’t consider the D15 a “Martin”. It’s made in Mexico not Nazareth PA. Might not be a huge deal for some but it is for a “Martin guy”. Also, the 15s are all mahogany (top included) which is cool and all but is again an apples to oranges comparison. Really more of a specialty item.
  9. My experience has been the opposite with coated strings. I change my strings about once a month, regardless of what I’m using because I like the freshness of the sound. And I play a lot so they need it.
  10. I’ve also purchased from Bob Colosi. Have a couple sets of bone pins and I bought a matching strap button for my Martin D18. Great stuff. I was surprised that my J15 came with bone pins. I still replaced them with a Colosi set I had that had abalone inlays, just for looks. But agree on the nut/saddle upgrades. As for strings I cannot stand Elixirs. Don’t like how they feel or sound and what tone they do have seems to die after about 3 days. I use Martin PB 12 or 13s on basically everything. Although I would like to try the Santa Cruz Parabolic tension strings on the J15. I tried them on the D18 but they were too mellow for that guitar (an already very mellow toned 1968 model).
  11. I didn’t realize the 15 was discontinued. I noticed it’s not listed for 2019 on gibsons site, but mine is a 2019 model LOL. Not sure how to explain that one. I play Martin PB12s on mine and it sounds phenomenal.
  12. I disagree. They look very similar but are worlds apart tone wise. The 45 studio is a slim body and, to my ears, lacks depth and bottom end. The J15 growls and has better feel, clarity, twang and low end. Disclaimer: I don’t normally enjoy the sound of slim bodied acoustics.
  13. Interesting. Im wondering where you get your numbers? The 2019 J-15 retails for $1749. 1899 (I believe) if you want the darker (not natural) walnut burst. You said it retails for 1340.99? I have an illness of going online and into guitar shops to looks at guitars and I’ve browsed and played probably hundreds of guitars most of which are Martins Taylor’s and Gibson’s. What I’ve found is that Gibson’s are the best priced (generally speaking) guitars out there. Martin doesn’t make a guitar that compares to the J-15 at 1700 bucks. The closest thing they’d have is probably the standard D18 (completely different woods, just comparing quality and price) and it’s around 2500. By the way Gibson’s are my second favorite guitar. I’m a Martin guy 100% but I love love love my J15. The other thing to think about is there is more to it than inflation. The cost of doing business is way higher (probably exponential beyond inflation rate) today than it was in 35. And this goes beyond guitars. My dad bought a new 69 Camaro (in 1969) for around 2500. I think it’d set you back about 50k today. First post, new to the forum. Howdy.
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