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  1. I have always viewed my friend's 56 as the best sounding electric guitar I have ever heard. I played it today through my Swart amp. We played over 4 hours. I really gave it a workout. He played my 1954 reissue 60th anniversary Stratocaster and liked it, but always went back to his Goldtop.
  2. Best sounding electric guitar I have ever heard is my friend's 56 reissue Goldtop LP with P90's. But different strokes for different folks.
  3. Had 65 reissue Princeton, but sold it about 2 years ago to go all acoustic. Just started back electric when Fender came out with Broadcaster. Love Telecasters.
  4. Thanks guys...now if I could windmill!
  5. My Les Paul DC Tribute has that same studio lettering. Mine is the cheapest model you can get. And everyone is right. Things just do not fit right. Walk away.
  6. My playing buddy has the best sounding electric guitar I have ever heard. A 56 reissue Les Paul Goldtop with P90 soapbars. YMMV.
  7. A good setup is everything.
  8. My first Guitar was 47 years ago. Had my first job and saved my money. And bought a cherry SG (my favorite guitar)and it was beautiful. Played great and sounded great when people that could play had it. I was learning. Got a champ tube amp too. Have had three SG's over the years and still love them. But always bought std since that is what I know. Bet yours sounds great. Just cannot afford them since I play two acoustics in different tunings and a resonator. To me feel is everything. And I have never met an SG that didn't feel better than any other guitar. Forgive me but I am a talker. The shop that does all my work, had a Les Paul DC Tribute with D'Addario locking tuners, since he was planning to buy it. As soon as he handed to me. It had that feel. And a P90. No its not in the same league as your fine SG, but maybe one day I can get another SG std. I hope you get as much joy as I do playing guitar.
  9. Its the cheapest LP. Les Paul DC Tribute. went to shop to pick up tele. Saw this one and as soon as I felt that neck I knew I had to have it. Always get work done at shop never buy guitar. Owner said he was just about to buy it himself. He had changed tuners out since he said if you just looked too hard at originals it went out of tune. He went with D 'Addario locking tuners that trim strings and yeah it left marks but this aint no closet queen...its a player. Love the single P90. My favorite pup. Got volume and tone and use them. Sits on lap perfectly and weighs 7lbs. Spent long time oiling fretboard and learning how to use tuners and get used to changing strings on a wrap-around bridge. Its easy once you learn it. No guitar is for everyone. This one speaks to me.
  10. Cost me $20...this is a great guitar. They were impresse
  11. EJ-16 are great strings and I use them still. But my absolute choice is Santa Cruz. They are amazing.
  12. Always wanted a round shoulder dred and now I have one. Really like the sound and action without any changes. Changed strings and had a devil of a time removing the bridge pins. Tried some graph tech traditional pins that I already had, and they fit only halfway down. So took it to my tech to have holes reamed and install some Santa Cruz low tension strings. Adjusted the tuners and lubed them and it will be good to go when the work is completed. In comparison my re-imagined D-28 has taken me a year to get right. But it has the sound I have been seeking for many years and was not going back. Having owned many guitars (including a Gibson Southern Jumbo) over my 47 years of playing, I love this Epiphone. I bonded right away with the Epiphone and the Martin(and I owned a D-28 previously) .So I say each one must be played by you to see if it is a fit. And I like to try many brands of strings as they all sound differently.
  13. I am in no hurry to find a great example. I am interested in either a rosewood or maple guitar. If I posted in the wrong forum, please move. Its my first day here.
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