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  1. Next string change , I will drop mine off at Glaser here in Nashville. It will come back right!!!!!
  2. Merbis, Keep us posted please and good luck
  3. No but I can tell you..... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
  4. I looked at eight VERRY THOROUGHLY at GC and bought one, a Trad Pro V , it needs nut work..... cmon Gibson.. I will keep the Guitar and love it, but here really no reason to not center a nut well.........
  5. Oh, by the way, WELCOME!
  6. Sybo

    Humidity and Necks

    Frets have been leveled and polished, I am soooooooooo OCD . I also like a low action,
  7. Sybo

    Humidity and Necks

    1/8 th to 1/4 turn does it Yup Nashville is verrry humid now and the AC is screamin! I’m sure it had an affect.
  8. Sybo

    Humidity and Necks

    I just find it interesting that one day things are perfect and the next day I take out my guitar and the open Low E has a buzz that wasn’t there yesterday. Yes, I am checking the attack of my pick..
  9. Opened up the case on my LP this morning and slight open E buzz.... How often do YOU tweak the truss rod? I swear I think necks are alive sometimes.....
  10. Sybo

    Pleking Anyone?

    Yup, get the neck dead nuts straight and check for high spots. Tape off,go slowly,polish and restring.
  11. I think i am wearing my Elixers on my Les Paul a little higher so I can dig in and get a bit more sustain. Also bending is easier..
  12. Sybo

    Pleking Anyone?

    Dude I actually have that kit!! I have used on a Tele and it was great!! A little scared to do that to my Les Paul though😌
  13. Sybo

    Pleking Anyone?

    Anyone had their LP pleked? I am in a good place with my LP neck, but could be better. I know I could get those strings a little lower and a little cleaner sounding.......
  14. Morning all, just for shi&$ and giggles, where do you like your strings on your Les Paul. Low, medium, high? I would love to know!!!!!
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