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  1. Apparently, the pickups in the '88 are Bill Lawrence "The Original" models which I know nothing about. The new 335s have "calibrated T-Types" which do not lean as much to a very warm, dirty low end, and have better articulation than most Gibson humbuckers that have traditionally gone into 335s.
  2. Dang... made my pecker twitch.
  3. No doubt, you won't really hear a sample on youtube, even with good headphones, and esp. what it would sound like thru your own rig. But, there are things you can hear, like texture, articulation, and some semblance of timbre... even better in a comparison. I heard a comparison of "PAFs," P-90s, and mini humbuckers on a youtube, and as much as I like P-90s, the mini humbuckers sounded best in that test.
  4. Those mini humbuckers sound great. Beautiful guitar.
  5. I noticed that, too. Looks like a refret job, albeit a very good one.
  6. The first ones to pop into my head: Ocean Breeze- Pablo Cruise I've Got a Mind to Give Up Living- Peter Green Green Grass and High Tides- Outlaws Midnight Blue- Kenny Burrell (the whole album) Most any of Joe Satriani's melodic playing; most anything from Jimmy Herring, Larry Carlton, or Pat Metheny
  7. The new ES-335 has "calibrated T-type" pickups instead of the traditional '57 classics. From what I can tell, the newer pickups are more articulate (less muddy) and not as warm as the old ones, but not quite as well rounded and pretty as the '57s. Some may describe them as lifeless, but I actually prefer them, esp. cranked where their texture really shines through.
  8. I bought a used Epi Dot for $300 and installed Fralin P-92s for another $300, and for $600, I've got a guitar that feels and plays like a 335, but probably sounds closer to a 330 than a 335. Like you, I love P-90s. I may have painted myself into a corner, because almost all of my guitars have pickups with similar sonic descriptions to P-90s... more mids, better articulation than most humbuckers and more like single coils, and a little more grit.
  9. "They say he's never had a hit, and he's hard to get along with. And they say that like it's a bad thing..." -Tom Waits
  10. I stay parked at volume 5 or slightly less at 1W, and I also only use the updated, on-board reverb. I don't gig anymore, so that's about all the volume I can take in my 15'x 20' music room.
  11. I assume the OP has gone through the Gibson site to get contact information. My contact started with an email and pictures. Of course, I had receipts and warranty info. attached. If the complaint is legit, my experience is that customer service is very responsive. In fact, while addressing my issue, I received contact from two different customer service reps. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and I hope the OP will follow up on this thread to enlighten us on his progress. I would hesitate to chastise the OP for posting this. How many legitimate complaints have been registered on this site by long time members through the history of this board? Plenty.
  12. Or, he has a legitimate complaint.
  13. During the height of the pandemic last year, Gibson was terrific about replacing an ES-335 for me. I really thought this might reflect a positive change in the new management. It would be interesting to know if this the new normal, and Gibson just dropped the ball with the OP, or things are going south with Gibson customer service. One thing is probably true- if you complain on their official web sight, they ought to respond. I can't imagine they'd want the negative publicity, esp. among those who are loyal to the brand.
  14. Personally, I'd never use a wax containing polymeric compound on any of my guitars due to the wax residue. For one thing, polyester, polyurethane, and acrylic lacquers (or any reacted system, for that matter) don't need it. And, I can't really see any tremendous benefit on an N/C lacquer, unless like rct, you plan to leave it out in the rain or play it in a sandbox..
  15. Connect them somewhere else, genius. There's supposed to be a rule against political posts, but it is unenforced and a reason why many have left.
  16. Never miss an opportunity to get political.
  17. I live out in the sticks, and the closest guitar tech/luthier is about a 35-40 minute drive away. Before he moved away, he did great work, but he had a couple of apprentices, one of whom does sloppy work. When the luthier moved away, and after a couple of unfortunate events, the guy who does sloppy work took over that shop. I haven't been back, since. Been doing my own setups for a while, but electronics are not my thing. I've got some pickups to put into a guitar, and as it is now, I'll have to drive the guitar an hour and a half each way to get a tech to do it, drop it off, then repeat when the guitar is finished.
  18. Have a blast in NOLA! I'm envious. I couldn't care less about the Quarter, but the atmosphere, the people, the music and the food are just second to none.
  19. Sorry to kick a dead horse. I'm good at that. The fact is that the lockdown significantly slowed infection... that is not even debatable. The next thing is that the vaccine is no longer experimental. There are literally hundreds of millions of administered vaccines, and the data confirms the vaccine's reported efficiency. The lockdown was not about you or my brother-in-law. It was about responsible behavior and doing the best we could to prevent the spread, not just to ourselves, but to others. In my area that was saturated with COVID (the highest reported cases per capita the country) mostly because people ignored recommendations, those who didn't get it were locked down and minimized their exposure. And now that my wife and I have been vaccinated, we feel the same freedom you do. It is absolutely untrue and irresponsible to say that the lockdown didn't slow infection rates. My apologies to Sgt. if this thread gets shutdown.
  20. About a year ago my brother-in-law got COVID on a flight from Hartford to Chicago. That's all I have to say about that. About your flight to Mobile, I'd fly in a heart beat today to see that concert in NOLA, but in general, I hate flying, esp. with connecting flights. When I've flown to NOLA in the past, I've been lucky enough to have direct flights, and I actually like the airport there. Don't know anything about the airport in Mobile. Have a blast Sgt.
  21. zigzag


    Jaco was the Jaco of the electric bass.
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