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  1. Thanks for the tips. :) I will say this, using the talk box makes playing guitar a lot more fun!! Shawn
  2. The OP's story reminds me of a Grateful Dead concert Me and some friends went too back in the Summer of 92. We didn't go into the stadium, we went there for the giant Tail Gate party that was in the parking lot. What a greet time!!! Until me and some friends got sprayed in the face with some type of liquid by someone dressed in a clown suit. About 20 minutes later, the only I remembered, was waking up at home!!! Thinking back on it, I'm lucky I made it home safely and nothing stolen!! Come to find out, that dude was spraying people with liquid LSD!! Shawn
  3. Very COOL!!!! That would make a great dance club tune! It definitely takes practice to get the words to sound right. Shawn
  4. I'm going to start building them in the next week or so if anyone wants one. I am going to offer them Built or Kit Form for the D.I.Y.'ers. PM me for pricing and ordering. Shawn
  5. I have the 60's GT (see avitar) and I love that guitar!! It plays, sounds and feels absolutely fantastic! Although mine did not come with the reflector knobs and pointers, I talked to Roger at Gibson and he sent me the reflector knobs and pointers right away! I'd recommend one of these git's to anyone!! Shawn
  6. Here is a short audio clip of me using my Homemade Talk Box during setup and sound check Thursday afternoon for that nights Open Mic that I help host. I used the stereo option on my GNX4 to play through the Talk Box / Amp combo and the Co-Host's amp at the same time. The words I'm saying are not very clear as I still need more practice mouthing words with the Talk Box. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1163829 Hope you guys like it. :) Shawn
  7. I'm trying to upload a sound clip of my talk box but it wont work. Can someone tell me how to upload an MP3?
  8. I'm going to be playing at an open mic tomorrow night and I will get some video and post it. Shawn
  9. Found this video on You Tube. Peter Frampton discusses the history of the Talk Box. Very Very Cool!!!!!
  10. PM replied and E-mail sent. Shawn
  11. Nothing complicated about it at all. The only issue that could come up is if your using super long cables from the head to the talk box to the cabinet as the Ohm's could change and cause things to run a little hotter temp wise. But that would be using extremely long cables.
  12. Those Banshee 2's are cool but they are a bit on the expensive side for me. $250.00 I think. So for what I paid to build mine, I don't mind the extra rigging work. :)
  13. Oh the one thing I forgot to mention, If you guys build one of these, If you have a hard time finding a 15uf 50v N.P. Capacitor try Dunlop, and see if they will sell you one. If not, you should be able to use a 10uf 50v N.P. Capacitor. All your doing with the Capacitor is filtering out the lower frequencies that the Compression Driver can't handle. And if you have an EQ on your amp you can roll back the low end. Also, ElectroHarmonix makes a stomp box size amp called the 22 Caliber that you can use to power the talk box and then just use an A-B switch between the 22 Caliber / talk box and your main amp. Here's a link for the 22 Caliber, http://www.ehx.com/products/22-caliber Shawn
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