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  1. Good words, Buc, and good to hear from you!  .........We were out at my mom and dad’s gravesite yesterday.  I went by there about 6 weeks ago for a few minutes and left picture frame that encased a list of things my dad did during WWII.  Midway, Battle of The Coral Sea, and how he had his eardrum blown-out.  I figured with the rain and wind we’ve had that it would be washed-away.  Anyway, it was there along with a approx 5 ft tall flag pole with a small US flag and someone had put a rock on the picture frame to hold it in place with a note in a plastic sandwich bag.   The note said, “Thank you, Sir, for your service!”  I find that very cool and gratifying.  My dad was so damn proud of his service and we buried him wearing his Navy hat.  That generation is shrinking everyday.  We could sure use their strength, integrity, and determination now.

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  2. 8 hours ago, Dave F said:

    First song of his that I remember is ‘I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry ‘ which introduced a new generation of rock and roll kids to the song writings of Hank Williams. 

    Exactly!  That’s pretty much what did it for me.  I’d heard of Hank, but hadn’t paid much notice with The British Invasion and Beach Boys,etc.  >.........  BJ Thomas had his demons and he fought them well.  Like many of his contemporaries in music, he paid the price that wealth and fame can demand.  RIP!

  3. 1 minute ago, RBSinTo said:

    It's all relative.

    My father-in-law died in 1978 at the age of 56. I was 30, and thought that he was "pretty old". Not one foot in the grave, but hovering over it.

    Skip to 2021 when I'm 73, and I realize that he was just a kid. 


    Yeah, 56 seems pretty young from here.  Some people get robbed of a lot of years.  There’s not a great deal of logic to it most of the time.  Here one moment and then gone.  I’ve never found an answer that makes any sense to the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

  4. I’ll be 74 at the end of June.  Feeling pretty damn good.   My wife and I do lots of stuff together and we stay real active.  We walk a lot and whatever arthritis I have seems to be pretty mild.  We took our family to Disney World last month and according to our IPhones we averaged walking over 8 miles per day for 5 days.  Last February we got one of those Chuck Norris Total Gyms.  It’s GREAT, especially for us older dudes......  I keep working on songs and playing guitar.  Two of my three indoor gigs are now back.....keep working on my model railroad and running trains while I inadequately play guitar.  We’re going to Branson for our granddaughters’ s softball tournament in about three weeks.  Then to Phoenix in August and back to Florida in October.   This month I’m retired for nine years and I’m busier than I’ve ever been.........I think I’ve finally learned not to put a time limit on everything.  I don’t feel so much stress or pressure to get something done.  I just do it.  It’s a lot more enjoyable without the stress/pressure.  It’s also helps to have a wife who constantly encourages me to do things.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Larsongs said:

    I knew a guy who was 90 & he’d sneak down to where I worked to smoke a Cigar everyday.. His wife didn’t think he smoked.. Yeah, right... He lived to be a 100...

    I know another Guy who never smoked & died of Lung Cancer at an early age...

    Theres so much we don’t know! We think we know, but, do we?

    Exactly!  A great deal of illness has to do with your family genetic makeup.

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  6. 27 minutes ago, Retired said:

    Does anyone know if we can take showers yet or,

    should we just keep washing our hands?? 

    Yes, we can take showers now!  Just be sure to leave your mask on.

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  7. I wouldn’t call Rap and Hip Hop Rock & Roll.  They’re not even close to MoTown or R & B.  It’s all a personal thing and generational thing.  I’ve made-up CDs with Cash, Dylan, The Stones, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Judy Collins, Ian Tyson, The Animals, Dave Clark Five,  Patsy Cline, Ronstadt, Hoyt Aston, Percy Sledge,  and Janis......and many, many others..   For me they all contributed to the R & R era and became icons for tens-of-millions of us.  And beyond that, I love the music.

  8. For myself, a question arises——-Why did it take them so long on Tina and Carole, and Rundgren as well?  Like so many things I once admired, even revered, all this HOF stuff is too much bullshit and too little substance.

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  9. I’ve got a J200 and a J45TV.  Like the two guitars shown, both are easy-to-live-with.  It all depends on what each of us likes.   Each of my guitars has a little something that for me makes them a bit different from each other.  With my style and technique I don’t know that how loud a particular guitar is means a lot.  I just know that for me, each of my Gibsons fill a particular niche for my music.....and at any given time they each fill the same niche.

  10. Myself and a friend used to sing our own nastier version of “Baby, Let Me Bang Your Box”  at The University of Missouri.  It was a blast doing it in the student Union.  ...I’m assuming some folks remember Doug & The Hot Nuts.   They didn’t get a lot of radio time (especially with the title of this song), but they were pretty popular on the college circuit back then.

  11. My J45TV has a spot like that in the lacquer.   I bought it used and don’t know if it was there before or if I put it there.  Either way, it’s not that noticeable and it’s one-hell-of-a-guitar.........We’re all different and if you dig the guitar and having it corrected is important to you, then have it done.   Whatever you do, I hope the guitar turns-out the way you want it.

  12. I’d go with the 2014, because it’s a Hummingbird.  You can decide the pick guard issue later. ....The “pro” and “studio”  models are great instruments, but they’re not Hummingbirds, Doves, J45s, etc.

  13. Well, got my 2nd one on Tuesday!  Arm very sore and felt a little achy on the way home.  Yesterday (Wednesday) I had 100% body aches.  No flu feelings, just strange aches and pains.  I slept most of the day.  Then today, (Thursday) I feel fantastic.  My wife had no reactions to her 2nd shot.  All depends on the individual, I guess!  Just glad it’s over and I’m not going to do this crap every year.

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