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  1. My guitars have picked me, I don't pick them.

    I walk into a store wander around,  don't get any feeling. 

    Next day walk into the same store wander around don't get any feeling. 

    One walk in, one day,  and a guitar whispers try me.

    That's the one I pick up.

    Could take months of this process 

  2. If it's the exact same guitar that's "only" $300 off, and GC is still going to make a profit as its called "mark up" 

    You buy something mark it up 200%, then once in a while put out a 25% sale.

    Also GC gets back a lot of returns, sometimes for stupid little things,  easy to put that out on a "inventory blow out sale" as well

  3. They us a single screw with a spring to raise or lower your pickup.

    The spring put a torque twist on the bottom of the pickup that causes the twist. 

    That the pickup out, put a small block of foam in the pickup cavety,  reinstall the pickup.

    That way the foam keeps the pickup level

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